Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

Looking for something a bit different…

Our client wanted to change their usual type of Christmas event, and instead asked us to locate a more alternative choice venue to suit a smaller gathering of around 70 guests.

How did we meet the brief?

Four words – The Ace Hotel, Shoreditch.

The venue offers incredible views across London through glass panels on the 7th floor, where we decided to hold the event.

In the run-up to the event, the guest list grew to almost 90 individuals, so we worked with the venue to accommodate this within the space available.  This led to us opening the sleek indoor-and-outdoor terrace, which allowed guests an opportunity to step outside and enjoy both the evening air and view of the city.

We arranged for dinner to be served in the Britannia Room, where seasonal decorations and custom-made flourishes, which matched the client’s brand colours, set the scene for the evening. These thoughtful touches extended further into the origami decorations and desserts, powdered with the corporate logo. These were well received by our client and her guests!

After dinner, the evening’s entertainment continued into another room within the hotel, with a DJ, dancefloor and further stunning views of the London skyline. Despite the early evening’s fading natural light, our team made of use the glow from the city’s bustling nightlife and soft lighting in the room to create an enjoyable atmosphere as they enjoyed the music.

Our guests really enjoyed the seamlessness with which the event’s theme was brought together in each element. The result was a perfect and cheerful celebration, just as our client had envisioned.

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