The Chronicles of Narnia Install

The Brief

This brief had a very clear set of instructions: create a magical space where guests would become entirely immersed and quickly forget about their everyday lives in the office.

To pull off this feat, our team transformed the client’s office space into a real-life replica of Narnia from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The Event

In order for the guests to access the event, they first needed to walk through a wardrobe, all the while unaware that the magical world of Narnia awaited them on the other side.

Once guests ventured through the wardrobe, they were greeted by a grand lion, twinkling trees and a snowy-covered walkway for them to follow further into the mystical world of Narnia. In order to add to the ambience of the theme, our team installed atmospheric lighting to create a wintery feel at the start of the journey, which softened further into the event’s party room to create an energetic party vibe.

The event featured a wide range of entertainment for guests to enjoy, with the stunning hot chocolate fountain coming out a clear favourite among everyone there.

How We Added Value

As mentioned, detail and immersion were everything when it came to this Chronicles of Narnia installation. Our talented team of creatives went to great lengths to use every inch of space in the venue, generate stunning visuals, install exceptional props, utilise atmospheric lighting, and source the finest entertainment to really transform this beautiful venue into a real-life Narnia.

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